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What sort of cleaning tasks will I have to do for this cleaning job?

The type of cleaning tasks you will be involved in will depend on what your commercial cleaning clients are looking to achieve from their cleaning plan.

Other factors will include

  • The type of business, for example, whether you are cleaning an office, pub, retail area, surgery, showroom or church hall
  • How much of the cleaning your clients want you to do, for example, the workplace staff may be responsible for washing their own beverage mugs, utensil & crockery rather than you having to do the washing up
  • The age & condition of the building, if the building is listed your client may use listed cleaning  specialists for certain tasks that require specialist equipment

What we can show you is a list of typical cleaning tasks that you, as a commercial cleaning worker, would be asked to do on a regular basis as part of your role.

  • Dusting
  • Polishing
  • Mopping floors
  • Glass cleaning (inside windows/mirrors)
  • Wiping down staff kitchen cupboards (inside & out)
  • Cleaning toilet blocks
  • Cleaning shower blocks
  • Surface cleaning
  • Vacuuming

As part of Workplace Cleaning Solutions service levels, we agree with the client on what the scope of work will be.

This will make sure that you know what the cleaning plan is. 

You will know what cleaning tasks need to be done, the time you have been allocated to complete those tasks, the cleaning materials to make sure you can clean to the highest standards and the frequency that each area of the business premises needs cleaning.

At Workplace Cleaning Solutions we have a dedicated Cleaner Support Team in every local branch so you have direct contact with the right person to give you all the help & support you need to fulfil your job role.

Being happy in your job is important to your health & well-being. We know that comes from being listened to and supported.

If you need to speak to someone about the cleaning tasks you have been asked to do, the Workplace Cleaning Solutions Cleaner Support Team at your local branch is on hand to help.

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