The Home-based Business you can Balance with your lifestyle

“What makes Workplace Cleaning Solutions Franchise so appealing is the ability to run your business 1-2 days a week from anywhere”

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The home-based, fully branded Commercial Cleaning business

Our business model is about YOU having a balanced lifestyle, not creating a stressful job. We encourage you to run your business using our unique leverage model allowing you to make a profit & enjoy life.

Become a Workplace Cleaning Solutions Business Owner & enjoy the FREEDOM of being in control of your choices

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Workplace Cleaning Solutions Franchise is a flexible & agile business model that allows you to BUILD, GROW & SCALE profitably & sustainably.

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By using experienced sub-contracted cleaners you do not have the overwhelm or expense of being an employer straight away. This means you can take on commercial cleaning clients more quickly & start building your income stream


As you become more confident as a commercial cleaning business owner, we help you to build out employed cleaning teams as you take on bigger, more lucrative cleaning contracts. Our professional development & training programme keeps you on track you grow your business profitability & sustainably.


Place satellite managers to maximize your area to its full profit potential and develop your management team to keep them financially accountable to your business, motivated to drive success & increased profitability.

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Franchise owners Ann Brebner and Catherine Fitch believe their model allows franchisees to work smarter with the ability to balance work with other things in their life – something many are now striving for post-pandemic.

“We decided to smash the mould that other cleaning franchises have been using for years by doing things in a markedly different way and bringing in much more balance,” said Catherine.

“Rather than trying to master everything, we show people how to leverage expertise and still make a profitable business.

“We have many ways of doing this. For example, we provide all our franchisees with a call reception service to take initial enquiries, follow-up leads, manage messages and much more. By leveraging other people’s skills, it reduces the administration burden on the business owner, allowing them to focus on running the business itself.

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Keith’s story

“I am excited about the potential” – Keith Loryman


Keith has an ambitious vision to build a sustainable family business with his daughter before he retires. He now runs the Workplace Cleaning Solutions franchise for Northampton East, which includes the towns of Wellingborough, Kettering and Corby, and is well on the way to achieving his goal.

Meet WPCS Business Owner for Northampton East, Keith Loryman…

The father-of-two daughters has a background in property compliance, as well as hotel and restaurant management, but had been seeking a new business opportunity.

“I had been looking for a rewarding and challenging opportunity that would allow me to work together with my daughter Hannah on for some time,” revealed Keith.

“I came across Workplace Cleaning Solutions while looking for a businesses prospect to invest in, and it was perfect.

“I was attracted to the idea of becoming a franchisee as soon as I met Catherine and Ann, as it’s clearly something that Hannah and I can work on and develop.

“It’s a really good business model that can grow in terms of the potential income, and to have Ann and Catherine mentoring us means that Hannah and I will pick up lots of tips about becoming a successful business owners.”


Keith explained that one of the big appeals is the unique model that allows Workplace business owners to build and grow their commercial cleaning business by leveraging the skills of experts to focus on what’s important…

He especially loves the support they have been given, which has enabled them to get up and running very quickly, and is looking forward to eventually employing teams of cleaners and more lucrative contracts as they grow.

“It’s very much about leveraging existing services and other people’s expertise to create a better work-life balance, while still making a profitable business,” said Keith.

“There is lots of support, such as people who can do your social media for you, and people who can do all the recruitment of the cleaners, leaving us to focus on running the business.

“It’s the full package because they provide these services and business development.

“Catherine and Ann impressed me with their professional approach, and their warmth and generosity. They are very authentic and passionate.”


The ambition for Keith in the long term is to have a successful family business that he can fully hand over to his daughter, but he acknowledges that having the flexibility and ability to balance other things in life is just as important…

He says that is one of the key reasons why he did lots of research on franchisee options before making the decision to invest in his future with Workplace.

“I did my due diligence and this opportunity seemed really good because the information about it all was really detailed, such as the Q&As they supplied, which answered most of my questions,” Keith explained.

“I am excited about the potential and about building a family business with my daughter, who really liked the idea of being self-employed.

“The dream for me is to hand a viable and sustainable business over to Hannah in five years’ time and then retire!”

Cleaning is HIGH on the agenda

There has never been a better time to be a part of such an innovative & important sector

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BArry’s story

“They are the perfect people to help you run it successfully” – Barry O’Connor


Barry runs the Workplace Cleaning Solutions franchise for Coventry Central with a strong focus to build a successful commercial cleaning business in a sustainable and flexible way. He makes sure to maximise the unique business model that Workplace provides as he strives towards his goal.

Meet WPCS Business Owner for Coventry Central, Barry O’Connor…

Barry has been running a cleaning business for many years in the domestic market – this is how he got to know Ann Brebner and became interested in the Workplace Cleaning Solutions franchise opportunity.

“I became the owner of a domestic cleaning business in 2004, but it was always in the back of my mind to build a commercially-focused cleaning business,” he explained.

“It was something that I have been toying with because of lot of my domestic customers also had businesses, so it seemed like there could be natural opportunities there.”

Having made the decision, Barry has no regrets, and points to the character and experience of Workplace’s owners as why he is confident that he will achieve his goals.

“They are a great team to work with!” he said. “Both Ann and Catherine are very committed and driven by what they want to do.

“Catherine has the corporate background and experience which is very useful, and Ann is more customer-facing which is how she has built a great reputation.

“Both of them are very good at what they do and are very professional and committed in their approach and how they work.”


Apart from the experience of Ann and Catherine, a key driver for Barry in deciding to become a WPCS business owner has been the business model that is in place, which enables business owners to get set up very quickly by leveraging existing services…

Combined with Workplace’s values and philosophy around the importance of a healthy work-life balance, Barry believes it all adds up to a great opportunity.

“I think the support framework they have in place is very important,” he said.

“I want to make money, but Workplace’s approach is very good because having that support network in place frees me up as the business owner to get more clients.

“They take all those time-consuming and tricky jobs away and give them to people who are experienced in that field, so I can concentrate on developing the business and on things like networking.

“They want to run the business in the right way, and they have a plan in place, so I think it all makes sense.”

Barry’s advice to people who may be thinking of investing and becoming a franchisee is to arrange a meeting and understand how it all works.

“I would say speak to Ann and Catherine, and you will see they are very genuine people and want to help you build a successful business,” he said.

“Their approach is very much to guide and support you on the way, but you will still be running the business, and they will help you when you need it.”


Running a thriving business is the ambition for Barry, and he is confident that with his experience and the support and guidance provided by Workplace Cleaning Solutions, that ambition will be met….

“The long-term ambition for me is to build it up into a successful business and I have no doubt that with Ann and Catherine it will be a success,” he explained.

“Cleaning is a simple business to run really. You find good customers and then supply them with good cleaners. There’s not a lot of headaches involved!

“It’s a huge industry. All workplace premises need cleaning, so there’s huge potential there to run a commercial cleaning business.

“What Ann and Catherine are doing for this industry is cutting edge. It’s tailored towards common business needs, and they have put a package together for franchisees that is ready to roll.

“They are the perfect people to help you run it successfully.”

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Meet WPCS Franchise Directors

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Ann Brebner

When Ann left her role as Detective Constable at the Metropolitan Police Force over 18 years ago, it was with one goal in mind – to create a fulfilling and flexible career around her young family.

Her twin boys were still babies when she took the leap and set up a cleaning company. Realising the power of collaboration when it comes to running a business and with her naturally caring and compassionate nature, Ann took a lead role in a local networking group where she became a trusted and reliable mentor for likeminded business owners. She later set up a company specialising in commercial cleaning, and Workplace Cleaning Solutions was born.

Ann is now empowering others to replicate her successes, to build their own rewarding businesses through the Workplace Cleaning Solutions brand, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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Catherine Fitch

Catherine has always held a strong belief that everyone should be able to enjoy their lives and love what they do. After the birth of her son, this belief became her lifelong passion.

Driven by her desire for a better work-life balance, Catherine stepped away from her corporate career where she had over 20 years’ experience in training, coaching and recruitment and a Masters in HR Management, and moved into commercial & domestic cleaning.

Here she met Ann and, quickly recognising their shared mindset and ideals, Catherine became a business partner in Workplace Cleaning Solutions. She has since been instrumental in looking at innovative ways to bring more efficiencies to the business, and has an ambitious vision for their new franchise model to be unlike any other in the industry.


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