This is an efficient method for cleaning high ceilings safely from the ground.

There are many parts of your workspace that get forgotten about because they aren’t accessible or within safe proximity. This is why we offer high level cleaning to reach areas like high ceilings or pipes and fixtures that run around your building up to 20m in height from the safety of the ground floor, no need for ladders or a cherry picker!

We always visit our client’s sites before the cleaning service takes place to assess the specific areas that require our attention. Our cleaning team will advise and make necessary arrangements to ensure minimal disruption to the workplace.

Here's examples of the types of premises which require high level cleaning.....

What you can do...

We always ask our clients to clear any spaces that need high level cleaning before our teams come in to clean. This is to ensure the safety of both our staff and our client’s staff as the equipment used for these types of cleans will need more space than our generic cleans.

Specific needs...

You may not need these types of cleans as frequently as other cleans, however we recommend to stay on top of it to ensure your workspace is always left hygienic. Our cleaning team is happy to discuss your company’s requirements and will offer recommendations that they see fit.

How we support you...

Our client support team is there to make sure we are providing the best possible cleaning service. Be sure to contact our dedicated support team if there are ever additional services you need.

What our clients say...


Contact your local branch

Contact your Workplace Cleaning Solutions local branch to chat with us about your commercial cleaning facilities requirements.

They visit you on site

A local branch account manager will visit you on site to discuss your cleaning facilities requirements.

Confirm your cleaning dates

Your local branch dedicated account manager will confirm a suitable date and time for your regular or adhoc cleaning.