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How quickly can we have a cleaner?

We can give you more accurate timescales once we have visited your business premises and agreed with you what your cleaning requirements are. From our on-site assessment, we will draw up a cleaning plan that will confirm the frequency & cleaning tasks your business needs.

Workplace Cleaning Solutions Commercial Cleaning aims to start your cleaning services within 7-10 days of you signing the cleaning services contract with us.

We use this as a guideline as there can be variables on when a cleaner or cleaning team can start; depending on what your business needs.

  • We want to make sure we have a long term collaboration with your business by providing excellent customer service
  • By taking the time to get the right cleaning team in place, walking them through the cleaning plan, and showing the cleaning team where they can find what they need to do their job to the highest standard you are more likely to get the cleaning result that you are looking for

 If you need urgent cleaning

  • If you have an urgent cleaning requirement, then whilst we are sourcing the right fit for your regular cleaning, your business could benefit from an Ad hoc (one-off) clean in the interim
  • This keeps the choice of cleaner more controlled to make sure the fit is right for your business
  • Gets your office or business premises cleaned quickly

True story, we got a call from a potential client at 8 AM, did the on-site visit at 9 am & had the cleaning team (3 in the team) in by 5 pm that evening.. it was a full-on experience for all parties and not to be recommended!! We share this story to show you what can be done in extreme circumstances.

Workplace Cleaning Solutions has been professionally cleaning since 2005, a high percentage of our clients who joined in those early & subsequent days are still with us because we took the time & care to get things done right.

A dedicated WPCS Account Manager is waiting to answer all your questions; click here to connect with your local branch.

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