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What happens if I am unhappy with the service?

At Workplace Cleaning Solutions Commercial Cleaning we value your business. This is reflected in the care & attention we take to regularly communicate with you throughout your cleaning services contract & beyond.

Workplace Cleaning Solutions is 100% professional and part of that professionalism is knowing we are not 100% perfect. The reason for that is that we are constantly striving to always evolve & improve. Part of that improvement process is to learn if we do make a mistake.

We have a clear communication pathway for you & your business; you have a dedicated account manager to speak to so if at any point there is something about the service we have provided that is not to your satisfaction, your local branch Workplace Cleaning Solutions account manager is there to listen, acknowledge your concerns and then act on the feedback you have given.

Happiness is about having choices, that’s why we make it super easy to leave us. Our contracts are 30 days rolling because we are confident you will be happy with our services and stay. We know that mistakes can happen, we know that issues or problems may occur – that happens in every business; our mantra is that we do something about it to deliver a positive outcome.

We work hard to ensure your cleaning service with us goes smoothly, but we work harder if something does go wrong to make it right.

With Workplace Cleaning Solutions Commercial Cleaning, what we want you to feel is VALUED.  We have been professionally cleaning since 2005, clients who have engaged our cleaning services in those early days (& beyond) are still using our services because we deliver high standards of customer service. We have hundreds of testimonials, reviews & accolades from happy clients.

A dedicated WPCS Account Manager is waiting to answer all your questions; click here to connect with your local branch.

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