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How often do you need a cleaner?

Great question, how often an office should be cleaned is a question a lot of people ask us.

The answer to that depends on a few variables. 

It depends on the size of your office, the amount of people working in that area and how much furniture is kept in the area you want to be cleaned. The age and condition of the building will also impact how often you need a cleaner to clean your office.

Here are some things to consider when deciding on how often you will need a cleaner for your business premises 

  • What size is your office?
    • -2 people – 90-130 sq ft (8-12 sq m)
    • 6 people – 270-390 sq ft (25-36 sq m)
    • 10 people – 450-650 sq ft (42-60 sq m)
    • 12-15 people – 540-975 sq ft (50-91 sq m)

  • Does this include amenities such as toilets, reception, meeting rooms, break rooms & kitchen areas?
    • Small meeting room (2-4 people) = 100 sq ft
    • Large meeting room (4-8 people) = 150 sq ft
    • Board room / conference room (15-30 people) = 220 sq ft/300 sq ft
    • Staff kitchen = 100 sq ft 

  • How many people are working in the office (on average) throughout the week?

You may have very mobile staff who are out of the office a lot, going to client meetings for example. So only a few core staff are using the office area at any one time. Less people create less dust & mess! If you have a busy office with high “footfall” then this is going to create more for a cleaner or cleaning team to tackle. 

  • What type of building is your office?

If your business is based in a modern building with easy to clean flooring & furnishing, then the number of cleaning hours with be less than an older building which may be harder to keep clean. Decorative detailing does look impressive but it also gathers dust adding to overall cleaning times. High ceilings & walls also take specialist high-level cleaning tools which can also add to the time needed to clean an office in an older building. 

  • What is your budget?

How much of your facilities budget can you allocate to the cleaning maintenance of your office? Having regular deep cleans helps to avoid build up over time and could help to reduce the total number of regular cleaning hours. When it comes to cleaning, consistency is key. You can book the cleaning service that meets your budget and it is better for your office to get regular, consistent cleaning that stopping and starting due to budget constraints.

At Workplace Cleaning Solutions we have the following frequency options to suit your business

  • Daily cleaning
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Fortnightly cleaning
  • Monthly cleaning
  • Ad hoc (one-off / special occasion cleaning)
  • Deep cleaning

We will give you a fair assessment of what frequency of cleaning your office or business premises needs to suit your office size, footfall & budget. 

A dedicated WPCS Account Manager is waiting to answer all your questions; click here to connect with your local branch

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