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How to find office cleaning jobs?

Here are 5 of the best ways to find cleaning jobs 

  1. Register with the main job-seeking sites
  • Indeed is a popular platform for companies looking to advertise cleaning roles. You can refine your search to specific types of cleaning jobs. For example, Commercial Cleaning or Housekeeping or you can select the option to view all types of cleaning jobs in your area.

Here is the link for Indeed

You can register with them to get alerts when the type of job role you are looking for is advertised.

  • Gumtree jobs is another great platform for seeking out cleaning jobs. You can register for alerts and set criteria like the areas in the UK you can work for example. Gumtree has become very popular with recruiters, both larger companies as well as smaller businesses so you can get a real variety of opportunities from this platform.

Here is the link for Gumtree Jobs

  1. Meta (formerly known as Facebook)
  • A lot of businesses, including Cleaning Business Services use Facebook to advertise their job opportunities.

You will find Facebook Groups, often called Job Groups. 

You can search for job groups in your area for example job groups Brackley or job groups Kirkcaldy 

The jobs are usually set up by one business and they invite other local businesses to advertise their current vacancies.

Often with job groups, you can also post that you are looking for work so you could post something like

Looking for office cleaning hours in the Brackley area – please contact me if you have any vacancies

You can either create an account or use your existing Facebook account to find job groups local to you.

Here is the link to login or register with Meta (formally known as Facebook)

  1. Register your interest or fill in an application form with local cleaning services
  • If you do a google search for local commercial cleaning companies in your area, you can actively approach them asking if they have any current vacancies or if you can register your interest to be contacted if any jobs become available

Most local cleaning companies will have an option on their website to apply or register for cleaning hours or cleaning jobs

If they do not have a specific application form option, then you can email them to make an enquiry to see if they have any cleaning opportunities available in your area

If you contact a commercial cleaning services company directly, be clear about what you are looking for

  • What hours & days can you work
  • What can you bring to the team in terms of skills, these can be either direct cleaning skills you have developed from experience or transferable skills from other experiences
  • Whether you can travel to certain locations, do you have access to a car or public transport for example
  • What your pay rate expectations are (if you know what that is you can include it in the communication you send)
  • When you are available to start, this could be immediately or in a period of time if you have given notice from a current role for example.

If you would like to register your interest in cleaning jobs with Workplace Cleaning Solutions Commercial Cleaning, click here to register with your local branch

  1. Register with a Recruitment Agency
  • You can register with a Recruitment Agency – it helps your job search for cleaning roles if you can find agencies that specialise in cleaning or facilities management.

Blue Arrow is one option to look at – here is a link to their website

Their website also has some great resources.

  1. The Job Centre

There are thousands of UK businesses who advertise their job opportunities on the job site.

This is a great resource when you are looking for cleaning jobs. Find a job service has replaced Universal JobmatchHere is the link for The Job Centre

Apply to your local WPCS Branch for cleaning jobs

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