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Shout Out for Henry Hoover

Shout Out for Henry HooverShout Out for Henry Hoover

Henry Hoover (not forgetting Hetty, George, Charles and James) is a firm favourite among commercial and domestic cleaners alike, and it’s not just because they smile at us! Numatic International started producing Henry in the 1980’s and the design and function has well and truly stood the test of time with very little being changed to date. It has even been voted best cylinder vacuum 2016 on the SmartVacuum website. Such is the popularity of this smiling little vacuum, you can even get little toy versions for the kids, desktop versions for the big kids, and various other bits and bobs like ride-ons, mugs and even Henry Hoover branded toy cleaning trolleys, we want one!

It’s pretty hard to ignore the popularity of the good ol’ Henry hoover, he has an outstanding reputation, especially among commercial cleaners that need a solid, reliable hoover that can really stand up to the task and not let them down when it counts! We believe that choosing to get a Henry hoover is one of the best cleaning decisions you will ever make (after selecting us as your commercial cleaning partner of course!).

The super-long 10 metre cable means you can clean an area of around 26 metres without having to unplug and change sockets and the 9 litre capacity bag means it doesn’t need changing often either. You really can just crack on!

Henry Hoovers come with a dual speed motor that automatically starts on its economy mode of 600 watts when you turn it on. For really heavy duty vacuuming, it kicks up to 1200 watts making short work of even the most heavily soiled areas.

One of the best things about Henry for us at Workplace Cleaning Solutions, is they really do just keep on going! Some owners report getting in excess of 20 years’ use out of their Henry, what a work-horse!

Of course, the best reason for owning a Henry hoover has to be that smile, how many other vacuum cleaners smile at you while you work?

What do you think? Do you have a great Henry story? Or are you an upright fan?

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