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A Cleaner Workplace Means Healthier Employees

The UK’s largest annual survey of sickness absence rates and the associated costs shows that sickness absence was an average of 6.5 days per employee, during 2014. This costs employers an average of £16 billion a year!

A Cleaner Workplace Means Healthier Employees

A Cleaner Workplace Means Healthier Employees

That is a hefty cost! Fortunately, there is something you can do to reduce this. Clean, clean, clean, then clean some more! This really is the best way to combat germs as we head into cold and ‘flu season, as a whopping 80% of all viruses are transmitted by touch. Think of all those areas of the office that you touch every day, too many times to count. Door handles, telephones, light switches and banisters, not to mention buttons on keyboards, printers and copiers.  Did you know, the office printer button is home to more bacteria than a dogs’ food bowl?

Regular and thorough cleaning can stop the spread of germs and dramatically reduce the risk of passing on colds and ‘flu. Something as simple as keeping your keyboard clean can make a huge difference with the average one being home to 3,295 germs per square inch, that’s more than on your toilet seat!

Reduce Sick Time

It may sound incredibly simple, but you can drastically reduce sick time and illness with a clean office! Implementing a cleaning schedule, especially of communal areas like the kitchen and bathrooms really will reduce the spread of germs. Encouraging staff to keep their desks (and keyboards!) clean and tidy will also be a massive help. Promote good hygiene by providing disposable paper towels instead traditional cloth ones and have hand sanitiser freely available.

Of course, the single most important thing you can do, is get a really good commercial cleaning company in to make sure everything is super-clean to start with! With £16 billion being lost by employers due to poorly employees, can you really afford not to?

Now, where did I put that hand sanitiser?

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