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Are your Bathrooms Soiling your Business Reputation?

As a nation, there is nothing the Great British public likes better than a bit of a moan. Topping the list of gripes, along with the weather, the traffic and cold tea, is an unhygienic loo when we’re are out and about. You could be serving all manner of culinary delights in your restaurant, but if your loos aren’t up to scratch, that will be what customers remember about their experience of your establishment. In a digital age where social media rules, you may even be on the receiving end of some bad twitter press!

Are your Bathrooms Soiling your Business Reputation

Are your Bathrooms Soiling your Business Reputation

Bathrooms, is seems, play a very important role in the perception of your business as a whole. A survey by Altodigital found that 94% of customers asked said they would not return to a restaurant with unhygienic bathroom facilities. Given that only 10% said they would send back food that had a hair in it, you can see how important the loos really are!

The general thought process seems to be, if your loos are not in great shape, that doesn’t say great things about how you run the rest of your business, after all, if your standards of bathroom hygiene are low, why would your standards in business be any higher? Possibly an unfair assumption, but one that will be made! With bathrooms likely being the first and last place a customer or client will visit, getting it right is more important than you might imagine.

So how to give that all important good impression? Cleanliness really is the bottom line here, you can put in all manner of pretty things and decorate beautifully, but if the sink is scummy, the toilet manky and there is an unpleasant smell lingering, nobody will notice the décor! Getting in a professional commercial cleaning company will ensure your bathroom facilities not only look fabulous, but smell clean and fresh too!

So, why not call in the experts from Workplace Cleaning Solutions and we will make sure the impression of your business that lingers is one of exceptionally high standards and attention to detail, not one of bad smells and grimy porcelain. Give us a call on 01604 791799 or email and one of the team will be delighted to help.

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