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Is Autumn Clean the New Spring Clean?

Traditionally, when it comes to deep cleaning our homes and offices, this is usually done in the spring. This comes from the days when homes and offices were heated by a fireplace and closed up tight to keep the heat in. When spring came along and the weather got warmer, it was time to open up the windows and clean away the soot and grime that had accumulated over the winter months.

Is Autumn Clean the New Spring Clean

Is Autumn Clean the New Spring Clean?

As our lifestyles have changed, experts say we would be better off doing our deep cleaning in the autumn.  “Our focus should be on autumn cleaning, not spring cleaning,” says Dr Lisa Ackerley, health expert and visiting professor of environmental health at the University of Salford.

As temperatures begin to fall, our summer holidays have left us recharged and raring to go, making it the perfect time to get the office set for the winter.

Its Spider Season!

For such tiny creatures, spiders sure do make their presence felt at this time of year. There will be spider-webs galore around the office, usually in hard to reach places. Use a telescopic duster to tackle these, the extendable handle and adjustable head will make getting to those hard to reach places like light-fittings and behind office furniture quick and easy.


Flu season is on its way! One of the easiest things to overlook when getting the office ready for Winter is disinfecting all surfaces to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Desks, keyboards and door-knobs are prime candidates for these as the most often touched areas in the office. Don’t forget the communal areas such as kitchen and bathroom too. Your workforce will thank you as coughs and cold will be kept to a minimum!


Through the summer months, bugs, dust and pollen will have accumulated on the office flooring, especially in any carpets or mats. The best way to tackle this is with a really thorough vacuuming for mats and carpets, and a good thorough scrub with a good quality floor cleaner for hard floors. You may want to consider getting a heavy duty door mat for the coming months to cut down the amount of dirt and debris walked into the office by visitors and clients throughout the winter, keeping your floors cleaner for longer!

With a little extra effort, the office will be fresh, gleaming and germ free, leaving you free to get ready for the inevitable rush leading up to Christmas! Of course, if you’re already too busy, or cleaning just isn’t your cup of tea, Workplace Cleaning Solutions are always here ready to help out! If you’d like more information on our commercial deep cleans, or any of our other services, please give us a call on 01604 791799 during office hours or email anytime.

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