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Right Time to Clean

Ever tried to have a conversation with a client whilst the hoover is going? Or tried working whilst your desk is being cleaned? Ever walked into a cloud of freshly sprayed air freshener, it hits the back of the throat and stays there for ages!

These are some of the frustrations we encounter from clients who are disturbed by their regular cleaner. The solution is simple, arrange for a more convenient time to clean!

Most cleaning companies including ourselves have out of hours cleaning services and unlike many others we do not charge a premium for early morning, evening or weekend cleaning. It is far more important to us that your cleaner remains helpful, not a hindrance.

When is your right time to clean?

A fresRight Time to Cleanhly cleaned office will radiate professionalism, but not if we have left your staff feeling harassed or put out. When is going to be the least disruptive time to clean your premises? When are we least likely to encounter clients, disrupt your staff? When are we not going to be in the way? Of course it is not always possible for someone to let us in out of hours; we do have a number of clients who provide their cleaner with a key. We came, we saw, we cleaned… and all before anyone got to work!

Let’s have a chat, we can pop in, you can show us exactly what cleaning will be required and we can talk about the right time to clean for you. When will be the least disruptive for your clients and staff?

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