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Is Your Office Clean?


Is Your office Clean?

A few office stats for you… one of the most alarming stats we found in our research is 60% of time off work illnesses are contracted from dirty equipment in the office. What cost does this have on your the business? Not only with regards to the loss of workforce and sick pay, what about the strain put on the remaining staff, or the cost of productivity or lack of it! Certainly something to think about.

Another germ gem; 67% of workers have seen a colleague sneeze or cough without covering their mouths… if they do cover their mouths are they using a disposable tissue and then binning the germ receptacle or are they simply using their hands? Please pass me the hand sanitiser! After a recent visit to a friend in hospital, I noticed a couple of dispensers and large signs asking people to use the hand sanitiser before entering and leaving the ward, great to see these important measures to stop the spread of contagious germs, however was disappointed to find that both of them were empty.

These stats are certainly an eye opener, I am tempted to wear a fall out suit to work, but then I don’t think that would be terribly productive. There is a balance to be struck, between providing a clean and healthy office environment and the germ ridden one described above. Hopefully that is where we come in. Workplace Cleaning Solutions Ltd help Northamptonshire business owners provide a clean work environment for their staff. A clean workplace will reduce office born germs, reduce sick time and therefore increase productivity… 82% of us feel we would harder in a clean office… do you?

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