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A Clean Office is a Happy Office

A person who works 40 hours per week from age 18 to age 65 will have spent approximately 14% of their life working. This equates to almost 11 years of their life! We spend a huge proportion of our time at work so it is important it is an environment we are comfortable with and happy to be in.

A tidy andA Clean Office is a Happy Office clean office makes our work life much easier and will cut down on certain germs that can spread illness and disease. Of course you can enlist our help to ensure the office is clean. There are things that everyone in the office can do to contribute to a tidy office.

When your office cleaner is due you can do a few tasks that will allow them to be far more effective. Where possible ensure paperwork is filed or put away. Clear your desk of cups etc and finally make sure all the rubbish is in the bin. Simple tasks but ones that will enable your cleaner to be more thorough, if we can see a desk we can clean it! A clean office is a happy office.

A Clean Office is a Happy Office

A Clean Office is a Happy OfficeNever be afraid to feedback to your cleaners… if they miss something, or you prefer an item is cleaned in a different way, perhaps you prefer they didn’t clean something, tell us! Communication is key to any successful relationship. We regularly make customer service calls to each of our clients, but it is impossible to speak with everyone in the company, so if you do have some cleaning related requests, either feed them back directly to your cleaners or inform your facilities manager. We are here to help!

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