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Preventative Cleaning

Without being too boring, we would like you to think about your doormats this month. Some are sadly a bit of an accident waiting to happen, or are inadequate for what is required of them, whilst other’s must be on their hols as they can’t be found anywhere or are too tiny to mention!

Preventative Cleaning

Preventative CleaningWith the winter weather, the snow, ice, slush, salt, mud, and whatever else is walked in through your entry way, turning some foyers into a bit of a skating rink! Then out pops the yellow sign to warn everyone it’s slippery, and then some poor soul has to continuously mop up for a few hours everyday. Wouldn’t it be better to go more preventative. How about a nice great big doormat, either bristly or one of these fancy wonder ones… whichever kind you choose, make sure it is effective, fit for purpose but above all make sure it is large enough to cope. Of course this wont eradicate the necessity of the ‘caution wet floor sign’ but will make it a far more minimal area to skate across.

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