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A Clean Office is a Healthy Office

A Clean Office is a Healthy Office

It may sound like common sense, but you can drastically reduce sick time and illness with a clean office! Germs spread through contact, and can linger on inanimate objects up to days. Regular and thorough cleaning can stop the spread of colds and flu. Something as simple as keeping your keyboard clean can make a huge difference. Keyboards are notorious for harbouring germs and if you regularly use other keyboards or people use yours, this is where germs and nasty bugs spread.

Maintaining a clean office policy will help, encourage staff to keep clean and tidy desks. A good professional office cleaning company visiting daily will help in your germ warfare.

A Clean Office is a Healthy Office

A Clean Office is a Healthy Office

A typical keyboard is infected with an astonishing 3,295 germs per square inch, according to researchers. Making your keyboard far dirtier than your toilet seat! Something to think about.

Let Workplace Cleaning Solutions Ltd help make your office a clean office and a healthier one too.

So now I have typed this blog, I am off to wash my hands 🙂

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