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Key Holder … What If?

What if………………..your alarm was activated whilst our cleaner was on premises?

Would your Key holder be informed by the alarm company?
What procedure should be followed by the cleaner if any?
Who is the Company Key-holder?

Key Holder ... What If?

Key Holder … What If?

Sometimes alarms are activated in error but what if there was a real emergency or burglary? If our cleaner was present and found insecure premises what procedure should he or she follow?

Every company has different requirements and policies, what happens in these circumstances can be as bespoke as each of our clients, but whatever the procedure we need to be ‘in the know’ to give the best reaction to an unforeseen event. Do our cleaners know how to turn the alarm system off in case of a false alarm and re-set it afterwards. If your alarm company charge you for false alarms and have to come out, it may be much more cost effective to spend a short time educating us.

So, please provide up to date details of Key- holders so we can update our records.

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