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Juggling Work and Home Life

These days the speed with which we have to move in order to get everything done on a daily basis is just ridiculous. From being awake at the crack of dawn for that breakfast meeting that seemed such a good idea last week, to flying out of the office to try and make that late night training session at the gym in an attempt to ‘look after yourself’, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  So just how do we go about squeezing 30 hours of work and family commitments, not to mention a tiny, tiny bit of ‘me time’, into 24 hours?

Juggling Work and Home Life

Juggling Work and Home Life

Delegation, Outsourcing, and a little Ingenuity

Delegate, delegate, delegate! If there is someone else who can make those phone calls for you or answer those emails, let them, and have your shopping delivered instead of traipsing around the supermarket. One job that we would all happily outsource is the cleaning, I mean let’s be honest, nobody jumps up to volunteer when the hoover needs to be whizzed round the office or you can write your name in the dust! At Workplace Cleaning Solutions, we appreciate that by being great at what we do, we are giving you more time to be great at what you do.

Superwoman (or man) you may be, and even though you can manage squeeze 30 hours of work and home life into 24, doesn’t mean you should. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little time when you got home from work? Nobody wants to rush home to squeeze in mopping the floor and cleaning the bathroom before dinner! At Time For you, we know how much an extra hour or two can mean, whether it’s time spent with your family, reading a good book with a glass of wine, or simply having some free time.

Let us take care of it.

So if it’s at work that things need to be kept on top of, give us a shout at Workplace Cleaning Solutions to find out what we can do for you, or if you’d like to lighten the load at home a bit, a Time For you domestic cleaner might be the ideal solution. Give us a call to find out, or better still, get someone else to do it!

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