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7 Things to Consider When you Change Commercial Cleaning Company

Companies change cleaners for a variety of reasons. Perhaps your cleaner has retired, or your cleaning company have closed down. Or perhaps you have not been satisfied with the cleaning service you have received or your needs have grown and your current cleaning company cannot match your needs… there are a whole host of reasons why people change cleaning company.

Here are 7 things to consider when you change commercial cleaning company:

  1. commercial cleaning companyIs your new cleaning company insured for every clean up to the right value? Is accidental damage covered? Accidents do occasionally happen, it is how they are handled that will show you the quality of your commercial cleaning company and of course it is a legal requirement to not only have public liability cover but to have the correct level of cover.
  2. Are your cleaners able to clean at a time to suit your business? Out of hours suit some companies better, while others are fine with an office cleaner working around them, what suits you best?
  3. Be clear on the tasks, good cleaners will clean anything that doesn’t move (and some that do!) what are your priorities? What areas would you prefer a cleaner didn’t access? Some people prefer to clean their own monitors, others need specific areas cleaned every visit and others need only to be done once a fortnight/month etc. Be very clear and precise with your instructions, you are far more likely to get the cleaning service you really need.
  4. What kind of contract is on offer? Is it a long contract or is it, like ours a 30-day rolling contract?
  5. What is the real cost? Some cleaning offers can look very attractive at first glance, but once you dig a little deeper you’ll find yourself paying over the odds for consumables or tied into a lengthy contract. Make sure all costs and terms are transparent.
  6. Is TUPE applicable? This is the transfer of employees and despite common perception it doesn’t apply to every contractor change. For example, it doesn’t apply if the company you currently use, utilises self-employed cleaners.
  7. Risk Assessments are available, smaller offices don’t usually require these but for larger premises it can essential to the onsite health and safety policies to conduct risk assessments before cleaning can start.

Changing your Commercial Cleaning Company to WCS

As you can see changing your commercial cleaning company is not as cut and dried as it may seem. Don’t worry, we can take a lot of this stress away. At Workplace Cleaning Solutions Ltd we believe in providing a clear and transparent commercial cleaning service. So here are all our answers to the points above:

  1. We have public liability cover up to £5 million. Each and every clean is insured against accidental damage from one off deep cleans right through to daily cleaning schedules.
  2. We offer a completely flexible cleaning solution: which means we clean at a time that suits your business not our schedules.
  3. Prior to the service commencement we visit your site(s) and ask for as much detail as you can about what cleaning tasks are required. WCS have a dedicated Client support team that are on hand during office hours should you wish to add tasks, remove them or request additional cleaning support. Alternatively, you can speak directly with your cleaner(s).
  4. WCS only offer a 30 day rolling contract, we don’t tie you into long drawn out contracts. We make our contracts as clear and transparent as they can be.
  5. All service costs are clear and outlined in the proposal you receive before the service commences, whilst we are happy to recommend a consumables company we do NOT load anything onto the prices so they remain competitive at all times… no hidden costs with WCS!
  6. If TUPE is applicable, then we will seek advice from our HR consultant as to the best solution for your circumstances and our offering. Because all our cleaners are self-employed TUPE would not apply should one of our clients need to change their supplier.
  7. During our detailed site visit we will ask you if risk assessments are required and will be able to provide these with our commercial cleaning proposal.

Any other queries? Let’s face it whilst this article covers a lot of ground, each business has different priorities and circumstances. If you have any queries we haven’t addressed in this article, then get in touch. We will do all we can to help. Call us on 01604 791799 or email

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