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Office moves are stressful enough, leave the cleaning to us

It is great to see Northamptonshire business growing, we have noticed an increase in the number of our clients who are moving premises. I guess they were right a couple of years ago, in 2013 Experian named Northampton as the top town in the UK for Business growth.
A case in point, last July one of our clients moved premises to a much larger office space on Moulton Park, the trouble was the new offices had been vacant for 6 years! You can imagine in that time the offices had developed a bit of a funky odour! The client had the decorators coming, however, the offices had a decent layer of dust over everything and needed cleaning first. They didn’t hesitate to pick the phone up to us.

Office moves

Office moves are stressful enough, leave the cleaning to us

Due to time constraints we sent a cleaning team in at the weekend before the decorators were due to start. The cleaning team did a thorough clean throughout. Including the communal kitchen areas, the toilets and all surfaces including window sills, skirting boards and cable trunking, windows and skylights, banisters and door handles. The carpeting was being replaced after the decorators had finished, but they still needed a good hoovering. Have you ever tried to paint on top of dust, grit of fluff? If you have, you’ll know why the client wanted the old carpet tiles hoovered!
All in all our cleaning team spent 14 hours on site but probably saved that much time for the decorators, by having it all clean and ready for them to work their magic.
Even offices that have been empty for a few short months will need a clean-up before the furniture starts to arrive and of course the old office will need to be handed back in a decent state. We can help prepare these for you, taking away some of the hassle and the strain involved in relocating your business. If you are moving offices and need some support, give us a call on 01604 791799 or email us on

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