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Is Office Cleaning Tax Deductible?

One concern which holds people back from hiring professional cleaning services is the regular costs involved.  While we touched on the financial benefits of using commercial cleaners in our last post (Why Outsource Office Cleaning Services?) we felt this was something to reinforce, particularly as we are often asked the question, is office cleaning tax deductible?

Is Office Cleaning Tax Deductible?

And the answer is “Yes”.

We understand that, when you’re considering ongoing costs for your business, it is essential to understand full the implications, which means recognising that not all costs in your business are the same.

is office cleaning tax deductible?

Thinking about tax

  • Professional cleaning services at your place of work are tax deductible.
  • For those working from home, it is only spaces used exclusively for work which benefit from this status making any saving here complex to calculate. Those working from home will, however, benefit from a working from home allowance – of £312 – which could be used for this purpose.
  • Cleaning products include VAT, when buying these products for your business it may be appropriate to deduct the VAT back on these purchases.

Products and equipment

Whether you are doing the cleaning yourself or supplying products and equipment to external cleaners, there are things you can do to reduce costs.

  • Don’t be tempted to buy the cheapest cleaning products, these will be less effective meaning more product is used and more time is needed to do a good job.
  • Buy in bulk. Like many items, there are often economies to be made by buying in bulk if you have somewhere appropriate to store it.
  • Invest in quality equipment which will last you longer and do a better job. Ineffective tools will make the cleaning take longer and be much more likely to break down needing repair or replacement.
  • Take care of both products and equipment. Training and appropriate care will ensure your equipment lasts longer with less failures and breakages, even simple things like making sure staff use the right amount of product and don’t mix them will save you money.

Time is money

When you’re paying a professional service, or even asking your employees to do it themselves, saving time in your cleaning will be financially beneficial.

  • Encourage your employees to reduce waste.
  • Promote tidy working so that whoever is cleaning can be more efficient.
  • Reduce the number of bins, taking small desk bins and replacing them with larger centralised collection areas will be cheaper to empty and could encourage better waste and recycling management.
  • Understand your office and people; knowing which areas have a higher population, or are dirtier, will mean you can manage your cleaning to ensure you keep all areas sanitary with the focus on areas which need it most.

Commercial Cleaning – Consider a Professional Service

Using a professional office cleaning service may not be at the top of your list of business investments but we believe it’s worth exploring.

Not only can you reclaim the tax payable on the service, but you can see that the benefits of quality products and equipment, as well as bulk buying, are easier to recoup as a professional cleaning company. 

The right commercial cleaning service will ensure your cleaning is managed efficiently and effectively – meaning you can be confident in the service while only paying for what is needed.If you’d like to find out more about the services we offer, check out our Services page or call us on 08000862979 to find out how we can help.

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