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How good are antibacterial sprays?

Or is good old soap and water enough?

There are so many products on the market and it is worth pausing
sometimes to question the need for antibacterial cleaners in your

It would seem there has been a lot of research done to prove that good
old soap and water are enough to wash away dirt, bacteria, and

If you give your hands a good wash with soap and warm/hot water there
should be no need to use an antibacterial cleaner as well.

Removing harmful bacteria

Cleaning your office should be no different and using standard eco
friendly soaps and detergents will remove much of the harmful bacteria
and viruses.

However, there is also a downside to using antibacterial cleaning sprays. To be completely effective and allow the time for it to work the
antibacterial cleaner would need to be left on the surface for up to
two minutes before wiping away. Most people don’t do this and there is
not enough evidence to suggest they kill the viruses that are
responsible for many common illnesses.

It has also been much debate about the thought that some germs are a
benefit to our health. Wiping out all bacteria messes up the balance
of the good bacteria that a person needs to stay healthy

Banned in US

In the US many antibacterial ingredients have been banned so it really
is worth considering more natural and nature-inspired alternatives.

So let’s end on the benefits of antibacterial cleaners.
There are benefits to antibacterial cleaners. While washing with soap
and water removes a lot of dirt and germs by itself, proper use of
antibacterial cleansers does reduce bacteria for a short time span,
which may be a help in environments where someone is ill or has immune
problems. The key ingredients have been used for many years in
hospitals and general healthcare. More recently these were added to
home cleaning products.

Keeping your workplace safe

Overall, proper food handling and hand washing techniques along with
regular cleaning with soap or detergent and water should be enough to
keep your workforce healthy. Companies who wish to use antibacterial
cleaners should not worry that their use will lead to issues but
should follow the instructions to utilise the antibacterial properties

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