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I don’t need a professional cleaning service…do I?

You may have got away with it so far but it’s not cost effective in the long term to be either doing the cleaning yourself or asking your staff to.

You need them to be focussing on the job they have been asked to do. It’s your responsibility to provide them with a clean and safe environment to work in. It also makes them feel that you care, which will in turn improve moral.

Customer Focussed

If you have clients or customers coming into your workspace no doubt you will be 100% focussed, giving them a warm welcome with a lovely seating area with refreshments and magazines. But, if the toilet is dirty or the carpet needs a vacuum you may as well forget all the good work you have put into the welcome.

You may think this is a small detail but we all know that first impressions last. Having a cleaning company in tow will allow you to switch off from this and allow you and your team to focus on driving the business forwards.

It shows you care

It’s not just about it looking nice for everyone. Being clean is also being healthy. If the desks and phones are full of germs then your staff could be off sick, which is counteractive for your business. If your kitchen and toilet are not clean you could have sickness bugs to have to deal with too.

Bring in the pro’s

Depending on your workspace may depend on the type of company you bring in. If you have large open floor spaces, certain cleaning equipment and chemicals may need to be brought in. Make sure the company has the correct COSHH trained staff to come in to support you. They should have the right insurance policies in place to protect your building and their staff.

Who should I call?

Any company you talk to should also want to come and meet you to talk walk around and see what you think your requirements are and also to offer their advice too. Look at review websites and on their Facebook page for testimonials.

You won’t regret this and your staff and customers will appreciate it. Even though they might not tell you they do.


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