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Coronavirus Cleaning

The COVID-19 coronavirus is clearly an extremely dangerous and difficult germ to tackle.  We can get rid of it by cleaning it away using certain cleaning products.

We just have to be vigilant and try to think of everything we are touching and protect our homes and family.

Focus on high-touch areas such as handles, doorknobs, handrails and kitchen tops and anything that you are touching all the time. 

Try and disinfect these areas throughout the day.  Wearing rubber gloves and carrying a small bottle of hand sanitiser with you and popping in a pocket means you always have it with you should you need it.


Zoflora or Dettol concentrate diluted in water and put into spare clean spray bottles. 

Soap and water 

Good old soap and water works by suspending the germs in the water, so they can be washed away. This works on counter tops as well as hands. 

Bleach solution

Bleach is brilliant at destroying almost all known germs. It’s dangerous if not used properly, and it’s very strong in smell and can damage other surface areas and clothes.  To protect your skin you should wear rubber gloves when using bleach and don’t mix the bleach with anything but water. Be careful not to let it splash onto anything else. 


Rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit is a product used to disinfect surgical items and wounds.  The advice is it’s made from approximately 70% alcohol and will kill the coronavirus with less potential for damage than using bleach or peroxide


If you are using Vodka to make a DIY hand sanitiser or to use as a cleaning product it needs to be high proof with over 65% alcohol content. There are other websites and social media pages/posts about using vodka in cleaning so please seek further for more detailed information.

Elbow Grease

You are going to have to get down and dirty with these virus-cleaning shenanigans. Make sure the surface is wet with cleaning product and then scrub it with clean sponges or cloths. Then let it dry on its own. Don’t use another cloth to dry it with but if you have to, make sure it’s completely dry and clean. Otherwise you are undoing all your hard work. 

Don’t forget to wash or disposing of dirty cleaning cloths after use.

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