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How clean is your phone?

Just imagine for a minute how often you pick up your mobile phone or office phone in one day. This is clearly a breeding zone for germs and potentially millions of bacteria every day.

But just how unclean are they? Well according to one piece of research, each square inch of your mobile phone contains approximately 25,000 germs! Including germs like E. coli, flu and MRSA. That’s something to think about the next time you press your face to your phone.

Computer keyboards amongst other high use areas in an office are all key areas of the workplace that are vulnerable. FACT: The average work desk is a staggering 400 times dirtier than the typical toilet seat- eeks! Your office may look perfectly clean and tidy, but think again.

However we know, it is impossible to stop germs spreading, but there are ways to reduce high levels of dangerous bacteria. It’s your duty to provide a clean working environment for your employees.

If someone has a cold provide them with a box of tissues and a waste bin with a bag for safe disposal, and some hand sanitiser to prevent it spreading to other employees, and alternatively send them home?

Going forward you need to employ a good cleaner to come in and blitz these high use areas with a antibacterial cleaner on a regular basis, and also provide cleaning wipes to keep on top of it during the day. Hand washing posters in the toilets are actually not just for children, in fact most children have it drummed into them at school how to clean properly with soap and water, but you would be surprised how many adults don’t know!

It is widely accepted that there is a correct technique to good hand washing and separate studies from around the world show that good hand hygiene practices can reduce illness, absence due to illness and the associated costs by up to 40%.

Make sure your hands are dried properly as this is often a step that is missed out to save time, so make sure that there are clean towels available at all times. Dirty towels will mean exposing the skin to more dirt and the risk of infection. Ideally, disposable towels should be used.

Good luck!

Washing hands soap

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