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The Phantom Soup Splatterer

There is always one person in the office that can’t seem to find a cover for their soup in the microwave. The remnants of their lunch are left for everyone else to have to wash up. Baked beans, soup or pasta is the lunch of choice in most offices but what can we do apart from ban certain work colleagues from using the kitchen. Well firstly it might be worth finding a microwave-safe cover that can eliminate the issue but also why not buy some lemons.

Lemons you say? Well yes, fresh lemons are great for offices too. They can be chopped in half and used to clean surfaces, fridges and microwaves as well. You can literally wipe the halved lemon onto the surface and wipe over with a clean damp cloth.  Our cleaners would love to get stuck into this but good idea to try and keep on top of it!

For microwaves put them, sliced into a bowl of water and maybe put a drop of vinegar in too, then put on high for a couple of minutes. Leave it to steam for a minute or two and to cool down and then take out carefully. Take a sponge and clean off all the excess food deposits and there you have it. Not only will the oven be but the office will smell and fresh delicious too.

You can add them to hot or cold water to encourage us to drink more water and maybe invest in a Kilner Jar dispenser for them all. Hydration, this is a huge issue for most if us. Not many of us drink the recommended amount of water per day and this has a huge impact on our daily lives. Headaches, fatique, digestion, concentration to name a few. So why aren’t we doing it and how can we get better at it? Oh and does it count to drink juice, tea and coffee?

The answer is yes and no. It does help but it’s not ideal. Especially with tea and coffee being diuretics, which actually make you more dehydrated. Sometimes it helps to choose a water bottle that you like the look of, which stays on your desk and acts as a visual reminder of how much you have drunk. You could put a reminder on your phone to tell you to have a glass now. Help your staff by having a water station with lemons and limes in, or provide herbal fruit teas as an alternative to tea and coffee.

Jug with water & lemons

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