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What Sir Richard Branson taught me at Business 2012 at the O2

Introducing a guest blog from our friend James Nunn from JND Home and Property Maintenance

What I learnt from Sir Richard Branson, this weekend!!
On Sunday, I drove to the very impressive O2 Arena, in London. I attended the Business 2012 Exhibition and the big draw for the day was an appearance on stage of Sir Richard Branson. I got to the arena early and was fortunate enough to secure a front row seat, right in front of the main man!!

He spoke sir-richard-branson-150x150for around 45 minutes about his life, his business and his charity work with the likes of Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan. All very interesting, but what I took away, were two main lessons, the first is to do with relationships, whether it be colleagues, family or friends. He said that good people know when they have messed up and it is far better to “Praise, praise and praise” than to criticise.

The second lesson I took away was something that I hope you can help me with! Do you; remember going on an airplane before Virgin Atlantic started? It was a rather awful experience, with rubbish food and no personal entertainment. It was Virgin who put personal entertainment centres into the seat backs. This attention to what people want is what separates Virgin from their competition.
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