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Top Ten reasons to choose WCS


  1. Top Ten reasons to choose WCSReliable – You can count on your cleaner to be there at the same time every day, alternate days, every week whatever your cleaning schedule we make sure reliability is a key part of the cleaning service, it’s no good having the hoover running whilst your staff are on the phones!
  2. Flexible – Need some extra hours for a deeper clean, need to change the day or time your cleaner comes? No problem, just call the office and we will be as flexible as we can in an effort to match your business needs.
  3. Thorough – The office cleaners are very thorough, we’ll have your car show room sparkling, your bowling green gleaming or your office shining! If you want fast and a ‘that’ll do job’ probably best to not come to us!
  4. Experienced – The majority of cleaners have been recommended by us for a number of years and know the exacting standards we expect. It is quite rare for us to change your cleaner, but if we needed to then rest assured we would introduce them and make sure you are happy.
  5. Cost Effective – we are not the cheapest, but then you do pay for what you get and we are certainly not the most expensive. The cleaners are fully insured are yours?
  6. Honest – we are honoured our clients trust the cleaners to be key-holders quite often securing the building after finishing the work.
  7. Friendly – the cleaners are polite and friendly, after all they may be talking to senior management, staff or even clients. You just never know! It could be that a first impression of your business could be the cleaner!
  8. No long tied in contracts – We operate a 30 day rolling contract for the cleaners, no long tie ins.
  9. No hidden charges – all of our quotes are detailed and explained fully before your service commences, the quotes are simple, straightforward and easy to understand.
  10. Local – We are a local business, run by local people. There is no nationwide switch board to go through, Ann, Claire or John are happy to help you at anytime simply email or call 01604 791799 for hands on personal approach to customer service.

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