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Tips For Keeping The Office Kitchen Clean

It is common practice in most offices to have facilities for team members to take refreshments during the day as well as providing tea and coffee for visitors. In the communal kitchen there is usually the facility to make a hot drink, warm food in a microwave and store perishable goods in the fridge. With such a high rate of use, it isn’t long before the office kitchen can look and smell like it needs a bit of attention.
Here are some excellent tips for making sure the communal office kitchen remains a pleasant, hygienic and germ-free area.

Tips For Keeping The Office Kitchen CleanTips For Keeping The Office Kitchen Clean

  1. Once or twice a day wash up your cups, plates and cutlery in warm, soapy water. Or at the least load all dirty dishes into the dishwasher.
  2. Wipe over all surfaces when you have finished preparing your food. Leave them ready for the next person to use.
  3. When using the microwave ensure that the food you are heating is covered. If there is a food spillage, wipe it whilst it’s warm, if you leave a spill it will be much harder to remove. A great tip, after use leave the microwave door ajar, until all the steam clears. This will prevent any food odours transferring to the next person and will prolong the life of the appliance.
  4. Make sure food in the fridge is disposed of once out of date. There is nothing worse than the odour of manky food when you reach into the fridge for the milk for your tea! At the end of the working week either discard or take home anything that you have not eaten.
  5. Empty all bins as soon as they are full. Do not stack empty food cartons, milk bottles and other containers next to the rubbish thinking that someone else will remove it.
  6. Draw up a rota so that all staff take turns in sharing the responsibility for keeping the area clean. If you are going to be away on the day of your turn, then ensure that you arrange cover.

Keeping the office kitchen clean and safe is relatively easy to achieve. Of course your WCS cleaner can also help to keep this important area clean and germ free. If you have a query regarding any form of office cleaning please call our helpful team on 01604 791799 or email

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