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Is It Time To Ditch The Mop And Bucket?

We’ve all used the trusty mop! Mops have been around for a long time and are the most common cleaning tool for hard floors. If you stop and think about it though, is mopping the quickest or most hygienic way to clean your hard floors? Don’t get us wrong, a good mop will always do the job, but are there better alternatives?

Is It Time To Ditch The Mop And Bucket?

Is It Time To Ditch The Mop And Bucket?

Health & Safety

We all know that Health and Safety these days can be a bit over the top, to say the least! In all fairness though, sloshing a bucket full of soapy water over a hard floor during working hours, with nothing but a little yellow warning sign is perhaps not the best of ideas! Sadly, businesses have to be ultra-careful that they do not leave themselves open to a claim for compensation should someone slip on a floor that was left wet. Scrubber dryers are something to consider if floors need to be cleaned during working hours and health and safety is a concern. They vacuum the water as they go, meaning floors can be walked on straight away, there are even cordless models available eliminating the trip hazard too. That should keep the H&S bods happy!


As the old saying goes, ‘time is money’ and if you have a large floor-space to clean like a school or car showroom, a mop may not be the most efficient choice. Scrubber dryers are a good alternative, much faster, no need to change the water and the floor is ready to walk on straight away! Steam mops are also a good option, most hold around 250 litres of water, and again leave the floor dry enough to walk on.


In areas with a heavy footfall, dirt and grime will be building up constantly. A quick once over with a mop will leave floors looking dull over time as this build-up is not being removed. Again, a steam mop or scrubber dryer will be faster and give you more consistent results.

Cost Effectiveness

Mopping a floor, especially a large area, takes much longer than using a scrubber dryer or even a steam mop.  When running any kind of business, money is always a factor to think about. The more time that’s spent on mopping could mean less time spent doing other cleaning duties that are just as important. Mops need to be replaced quite regularly as they wear out and are the perfect place for germs and bacteria to breed. You could actually end up with a floor dirtier than when you started if you use an old mop, yuck!

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