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Three Things Visitors Notice About Your Office

First impressions are never more important than when it comes to your business. When customers and visitors visit you at your offices, it’s not just your products and services that they notice! Your office space says a lot about your company, from your attention to detail to your organisational skills!

Three Things Visitors Notice About Your Office

Three Things Visitors Notice About Your Office

Here are three things to make note of to make sure your visitors get the best impression when visiting your office;


Visitors coming through the door will definitely notice if your carpets are not clean and free from debris. Grubby entrance-ways will give the impression that you don’t really care or are not organised enough to make sure they are kept clean and tidy.


A smell is something we remember easily, especially if it is unpleasant! This can be hard to keep on top of, more so if you have a lot of people in the office. However, if you ensure that all food-stuffs are cleared away quickly and bins emptied regularly, you can keep smells down to a minimum. You don’t want a clients’ lasting memory of your office to be the leftover lasagna you had for your lunch!


Nothing says ‘disorganised’ quite like an office littered with paperwork and other clutter. If you have piles of paperwork littering your workspaces it will give the impression that you are not organised, this will be re-enforced if you can’t find paperwork while a client is visiting. Keep all paperwork in its proper place and have desks etc. kept as clear and clean as possible.

At Workplace Cleaning Solutions we offer an office cleaning service that will make sure your office has your clients leaving with the best possible impression. We can’t sort out your paperwork for you, but we can ensure that your office is clean and fresh and remembered for the right reasons!

If you would like a reliable, regular cleaning service, give us a call on 01604 791799 or email: where we will be happy to offer an office cleaning solution you meet your needs.

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