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Office Cleaning – The Forgotten 3

Your desk maybe tidy and clean and your bin emptied daily. What about the things that we see but are not ‘seen’ when it comes to cleaning the office?

Here are our forgotten 3 grime and bacteria havens that usually get missed when it’s time to clean the office.

Office Cleaning – The Forgotten 3

  • Light switches – you’ll be amazed how grubby these getlight-switch-150x150. Be careful though, electricity and water do not have a happy result. For a quick fix use an anti-bacteria wipe or your usual cleaning product, but please do make sure that the cloth is no more thandamp and do not spray solutions directly onto the switch!
  • Dodoor-handle-150x150or Handles – Again anti-bacteria solution is required on a regular basis to ensure your door handles do not become a breeding ground for little nasties! Consider the toilet door, dirtyhands going in, clean hands coming out, same door handle.
  • Phone-150x150Phone – You handle it constantly with both clean and dirty hands and even nestle it into your neck and face whilst talking. You will be surprised how grimy these get. Again wipe clean using your usual brand of anti-bacterial cleaner. Making sure the product is safe to use on plastics.


I hope the forgotten 3 has promoted a mini office cleaning frenzy. If you have forgotten tips to share, please do!  What’s forgotten in your office cleaning routine?


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