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Get your office into shape this Summer!

Cleaning the office on a regular basis is not something that many business owners put as a priority. Many do not feel the need to clean it the way they would their own property, especially the employees.

Here Workplace Cleaning Solutions, we are seeing a rise in businesses contacting us regarding keeping their offices clean. As we are gradually coming out of lockdown after the Coronavirus pandemic, business owners are being forced to make changes and ensure the cleanliness of the working office.

Desk areas

Your desk and computer keyboard are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and germs throughout the year, especially if employees eat at their desks.

We would advise that each desk and computer area is wiped daily with a antibacterial wipe and that any food or drinks which is eaten at a desk, is cleaned away straight after to reduce the spread of bacteria.


During the summer months, temperatures will increase and can cause waste to unleash some unpleasant smells. 

One way to keep the office clean in summer is the ensure that any bins or recycling containers are emptied on a daily basis, especially before leaving the office for the evening.

Summer is also the time where people take annual leave, which can mean people leave items in the kitchen or in desk drawers. As a business owner, you should encourage employees to remove food items before going on holiday to avoid any nasty surprises when they return. We’ve all been there!

Floors and furniture

Carpets and other types of flooring can get overlooked during the summer months.

Flooring is highly effective at collecting germs and dirt from outside when they are not cleaned on a regular basis. 

We recommend a deep clean of carpets and other flooring at the end of each season to get rid of any deep embedded dirt, germs and bacteria. It is also essential deep clean any sofas, chairs and cushions on a regular basis. 

Where possible, use high quality mats for door entrances so people can wipe their feet and avoid bring dirt and outdoor germs into the office.


Toilets are not only a necessity but also a safety measure for both your staff and customers. They are well known for being high traffic areas within an office space and need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

If the toilet area is not maintained, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria’s and germs and if not cleaned properly can make people sick.

We strongly recommend that the following is carried out to ensure high hygiene standards.

-Disinfect the cleaner and toiler brush every day to avoid germs breeding.

-Ensure the toilet seat, lid and outside is wiped down.

-Counters and sinks should been cleaned daily with a disinfectant cleaner.

-Floors should be swept and mopped daily.

-Ensure there is a full supply of toilet rolls, hand towels, paper towels and liquid soap.

You should ensure that both employees and customers are able to wash and dry their hands in order to eliminate the spreading of germs, bacteria and any other infectious diseases.

Staff room/kitchen

Cleaning the staff room and kitchen is a safety necessity and in turn should boost the morale of employees.

Employees should take responsibility for the kitchen area and ensure that it remains clean and organised at all times. You should make it clear that anything left in the fridge or kitchen area at the end of the week will be thrown out unless marked otherwise. Likewise, the fridge should also be given a wipe down and any spillages should be cleared up immediately.

At the end of each day, any chairs, tables and sinks should be wiped down and disinfected thoroughly. Don’t forget about appliances such as the microwave or if applicable, oven. These appliances should be cleaned on a daily basis as remnants of food from employees heating up food each day can leave a thick and hardened coating which can harder mould growth.

Dishes should also be washed and dried before the end of each day.

It is important to enforce the cleaning rules and guidelines that you implement into your company. Please feel free to contact us for further advice on how to keep your office safe and clean.

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