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Easy office cleaning hacks that anyone can do!

Whether you are working from home or in the office, a clean desk can help your mind stay focused on the job in hand.

Whilst many companies hire in professional cleaners, there are lots of things that employees can do to help keep their workspace clean and tidy in the meantime.


Can you remember the last time you wiped down your keyboard? Besides being used every day for work, many employees tend to eat their lunch at their desk. A keyboard is the worst culprit for collecting crumbs allowing germs and bacteria to grow and spread. Therefore, staying on top of cleaning your keyboard daily is essential.

The best way to clean a keyboard is to use a spray and duster or microfiber cloth but always unplug your keyboard first. You can also use things such as cotton buds to help you get in between the keys to get rid of any crumbs that have fallen in between. Flat keyboards tend to be ‘cleaner’ and easier to maintain as the deeper the keyboard, the more crumbs will collect.

Your mouse is another culprit for harbouring germs and this should be wiped down along with your keyboard on a daily basis.

Monitors and screens

When you are cleaning your keyboard and mouse, it is also worth wiping your monitor or screen with a screen wipe or non abrasive cloth. Fingerprints and daily grime can build up on the screen and can impact the way you view your screen. 

Always ensure you switch off the monitor first and if you want to get rid of a streaky screen, use a screen wipe that’s specifically for your screen type, be it glass or soft.


You should invest in a good quality vacuum preferably one which is cordless so you can reach all area within the workplace. You want one that not only cleans well but cleans fast which will save on electricity and costs.

Many vacuum cleaners these days come with a variety of accessories which can help you clean in tight spaces such as your computer or behind cabinets. 

A good vacuum cleaner is a well spent investment which can help maintain the longevity of the floor reducing costs for repairs and replacement. If you have wooden flooring in your office, you should ensure you get a suitable vacuum that is suited to this and vice versa if you have carpet.

Staff should be encourages to vacuum daily to ensure the workspace is kept in a clean and tidy manner.

Office chairs

As well as electrical equipment, your office chair will also see its fair share of daily contact. Dust and dirt from where you sit will accumulate over time. If staff eat their lunch at their desks, there is bound to be accidental food and drink spills over time.

With regular maintenance and cleaning, this will prevent replacing office chairs. We suggest cleaning your chair on the last day of each working week.

This is a task that will not only keep your chair looking fresh; it will also ensure that germs and bacteria are kept at bay. 


The microwave will get a lot of use especially in the colder months when staff tend to bring in food to heat up. The stuck on mess which comes from food exploding or splashing can be tough to remove if not cleaned up immediately.

The best thing to do is to place a bowl of hot water inside and leave it to sit with the door closed for five minutes. The steam will loosen the grime and food debris in the microwave and makes it a lot easier to wipe off.

Staff should be encouraged to wipe any mess left behind as soon as they have finishing using the microwave but a deep steam clean should be done once a week to ensure any germs or bacteria is removed.

A clean space will reflect better on you and create a better impression to other colleagues as well as your boss.

A well managed and organised workspace will also reduce the risk of ill health and boost morale within the office.

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