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First Impressions

We all know the importance of creating a good first impression. Most of us make sure we are well presented when at work; tidy hair, clean clothes and good personal hygiene goes without saying! What about the work environment itself? Is it clean, tidy, well maintained, and welcoming? What does your workplace say about you?


With visits from clients, suppliers and our staff, does your workplace reflect the right impression? Impressions are so important. If you visit our Northampton office, you won’t see clear desks, that’s unrealistic we are a busy office with lots of comings and goings, lots of bustle! What you will see is a friendly environment, which is clean and relatively tidy, clutter free. What else would you expect from a cleaning company? That’s the crux right there, what do you expect when you visit a potential client or supplier? A lot depends on what that company does, but like it or not we all generate expectations.

First Impressions

There are vast amounts of differing work environments, for instance an MOT station is by nature a dirty environment, however I am always quite amazed, and how tidy my local garage is. Of course in this instance it is more than aesthetics and good impressions, an untidy workplace can be a health and safety hazard. In contrast the reception area is immaculate. Clean, coffee cups cleared and the usual literature available for those awaiting motor diagnosis. Does the state of the garage effect the service provided? Of course not, but it did help to instil confidence that these people care about what they do, coupled with a friendly welcome it certainly provided the right impression for me!

Many years ago, when I was an employee, there were occasions when someone high up would be touring the facility; there would be frantic activity to ensure that the best possible impression was given to the VIP. I think things have moved on since then and we are all more conscious that every day it is important to reflect the right impression all the time.

However, we rarelclutter-150x150y have the time required to keep the old place sparkling. Even if you do get 20 mins during the day, imagine the reaction of your colleagues if you start to run the hoover over whilst they are on the phone! Dusting the desk whilst they try to type! This is where Workplace Cleaning Solutions Ltd fit in. Our service is unobtrusive, non-invasive and can be completed outside your working hours, whenever they may be. Completely bespoke, we can service your office once a day, once a week oreven fortnightly. If you are due for a VIP visit then we can dedicate a team to give your workplace a thorough clean through too.

What does your work environment say about you? Professional, competent and welcoming… or chaotic, messy and unorganised? Workplace Cleaning Solutions Ltd has been helping Northampton’s business’ to generate the right impression for over five years, get in touch if you would like us to do the same for your workplace. You can read what our current clients say about our services on our testimonials page 

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