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5 Things to do The Day Before Your Office Cleaner is Due

Most of us have worked in an office at one time or another, so we know how messy they can get if we’re not careful! With the slow accumulation of general grubbiness, and maybe one or two people not picking up after themselves, it really doesn’t take long for things to get out of hand and the office no longer gives the impression of a professional environment! That’s why most offices hire a commercial cleaning company to take the strain and keep things looking clean and professional.

5 Things to do The Day Before Your Office Cleaner is Due

5 Things to do The Day Before Your Office Cleaner is Due

Here are our 5 Things to do The Day Before Your Office Cleaner is Due to get the most from your cleaning service:

  • Tidy – Just have a quick tidy up, the less time your cleaner has to spend moving things out of their way, the more time they will have to actually clean!
  • Organise Paperwork – It’s easy to let paperwork take over your desk, but by taking a few minutes to file or get rid of anything not needed will make things easier for your cleaner and less likely an important document will be shuffled into the everyday stack.
  • Identify areas that need special attention – This could be because you’ve just hosted a coffee morning and the kitchen took more abuse than normal, or someone managed to explode their lunch all over the microwave again (there’s always one!) By letting your cleaner know as soon they arrive, or leaving a note, they will be able to adjust their schedule to accommodate.
  • Desk litter– Let’s face it, many of us practically live at our desks, lunch is often eaten there, and if you’re anything like me, a few cups of coffee will be consumed there too, as well as the occasional cream cake and chocolate treat! Take a few minutes to throw away any rubbish and clear dirty dishes.
  • Quick check around – Lastly, it’s also worth taking a few moments just to have a check around and note anything damaged or broken. This could save any embarrassment or misunderstandings with your cleaner as you’ll know it wasn’t them!

These are also great habits to get into in-between cleans too as your office will maintain that ‘just cleaned’ feel for much longer. Just by spending a few minutes on these things, you’ll be allowing your cleaner to do the best job possible and will be really making the most of your cleaning service!

If your office could do with a spruce-up, give us a call at Workplace Cleaning Solutions on 01604 791799 or email to find out what we can do for you!

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