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5 Signs of a Great Commercial Cleaning Company

When it comes to making sure your business gives a great first impression, you really do have to put a lot of faith in your commercial cleaning company. Imagine going into a dentist or doctors’ surgery that looked grubby or smelled bad, it wouldn’t really inspire confidence in the treatment! In the same way, if you went to the offices of any business and they were dirty and unkempt, you would assume that the business was run with the same kind of lack of attention.

5 Signs of a Great Commercial Cleaning Company5 Signs of a Great Commercial Cleaning Company

So how can you tell if a commercial cleaning company is going to be up to the job? Here are five signs that the cleaning company you are looking at is a great one:

Returning phone call/enquiries –  A good company will always return phone calls and enquiries quickly. We all get busy, but customer queries should be a priority. A client that has to wait too long for a response may just go elsewhere!

Affordability – Not to be confused with cheap! A great cleaning company will be worth every penny they charge as the peace of mind they provide in maintaining the image of your company is priceless. By the same token, they shouldn’t be charging an absolute fortune either!

Continuity- There is nothing more frustrating than having to explain to someone new every day how you like things done. A well run cleaning company should be able to send over the same cleaners on a regular basis that know the clients’ preferences.

You know who’s in charge- Should an issue arise, it’s important to know who you need to speak to and that they will be accessible. Clients will not want to be passed from pillar to post to get an answer to an enquiry or resolution to a problem.

Outstanding customer support– Great customer support shows that a company cares about what they do. Regular customer care calls should be made to ensure you are happy with the service and all is running as it should. It is also a sign that the commercial cleaning company provide a consistently high standard of service.

At Workplace Cleaning Solutions, we truly believe we provide all of the above! With our dedicated client support team, enquiries are always dealt with quickly and efficiently and there is always someone available to take your call. We also pride ourselves on consistently providing great cleaners that genuinely love what they do! If you are looking for commercial cleaning services, whether it be a car showroom, office, surgery, shop or restaurant, you’ll not go wrong with WCS. Give us a call on 01604 791799 and let us see what we can do for you!

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