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Join us in celebrating National Cleaning Week 2022

National Cleaning Week 2022

What is it?

National Cleaning Week celebrates the importance, value, and positive impact that cleaning has on public health, the environment, and the economy.

National Cleaning Week begins each year on the fourth Sunday in March, this year that is 27th March 2022 – 2nd April 2022

It is a week-long lineup of activities targeted at encouraging everyone to get cleaning! Whether that is 1 room in your home, your office desk, even your car (weather permitting!)

Not only does this make everyone feel great about getting involved, it help to raise public awareness for the value of clean spaces & appreciate front-line cleaning professionals

Why is Office Cleaning So Important?

Maintaining a clean environment helps to lower the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that cause diseases and trigger allergic reactions.

It also prevents the growth of mould in our shared workspace’s, like the office kitchen for example.

Furthermore, research has shown that a clean workspace is closely associated with improved moods, decreased stress levels, and enhanced productivity.

A Happy Office Is A Clean Office

We devote an immense amount of time at work so it is important we feel content and relaxed in our work surroundings

At Workplace Cleaning Solutions Commercial Cleaning we have created a daily challenge for you and your staff to add some extra sparkle to your office.

Here are your challenges for the working week

Monday 28th March – Tackle those dusty desks

  • Get right under the desks & vacuum all the build up. You can get your office staff to work as a team, so those who are more agile can clean the hard to reach places.
  • Did you know a keyboard is the worst culprit for collecting crumbs allowing germs and bacteria to grow and spread, use a microfibre cloth with some good quality anti-bacterial spray to get it hygienically clean
  • Why not bring in some spring flowers to brighten up the office?

Tuesday 29th March – Get shredding

  • Give each member of staff a file to go through and either scan & save (if needed) and then shred the physical paper document
  • Before you start to throw everything away, divide your items into three piles; keep & file, scan & shred or shred.

Wednesday 30th March – Clean the Office Kitchen cupboards

  • Pull out the kitchen cupboards, wipe inside and out (don’t forget the cupboard handles. 
  • Pop all the crockery from the back through the dishwasher
  • #teamworkmakesthedreamwork Why not get some motivational tunes going to make the job go faster & make it more fun!

Thursday  31st March – Polish the toilet mirrors

  • Make it into a mini competition, give each member of staff a spray bottle & microfibre cloth
  • See who can polish up those mirrors the best, leaving them sparkle without any smears
  • Let’s see those smiles reflecting back

Friday 1st April – Wipe down the skirting boards in the corridors

  • Soapy water plus a cloth will make short work of those skirting boards
  • Often an overlooked part of the office, it makes a real difference when they are clean
  • For any less agile members of your team, ask them to help by doing the door handles with anti-bacterial spray so they are still involved

Download this cheat sheet (no email required) and set your office the National Cleaning Week Challenge!

Click here to download

Start by cleaning your office today with the help of your Local Workplace Cleaning Solutions professional commercial cleaning team.

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