Great question, how often an office should be cleaned is question a lot of people ask us.

The answer to that depends on the a few variables. 

It depends on the the size of your office, the amount of people working in that area and how much furniture is kept in the area you want cleaned. The age and condition of the building will also impact how often you need a cleaner to clean your office to.

Here are some things to consider when deciding on how often you will need a cleaner for your business premises
  • What size is your office?
2 people
90-130 sq ft (8-12 sq m)
6 people
270-390 sq ft (25-36 sq m)
10 people
450-650 sq ft (42-60 sq m)
12-15 people
540-975 sq ft (50-91 sq m)
  • Does this include amenities such as toilets, reception, meeting rooms, break rooms & kitchen areas?
Small meeting room (2-4 people) = 100 sq ft
Large meeting room (4-8 people) = 150 sq ft
Board room / conference room (15-30 people) = 220 sq ft/300 sq ft
Staff kitchen = 100 sq ft
  • How many people are working in the office (on average) throughout the week?
You may have very mobile staff who are out of the office a lot, going to client meetings for example. So only a few core staff are using the office area at any one time. Less people create less dust & mess! If you have a busy office with high “footfall” then this is going to create more for a cleaner or cleaning team to tackle.
  • What type of building is your office?
If your business is based in a modern building with easy to clean flooring & furnishing, then your the number of cleaning hours with be less than an older building which may be harder to keep clean. Decorative detailing does look impressive but it also gathers dust adding to overall cleaning times. High ceilings & walls also take specialist high level cleaning tools which can also add to the time needed to clean an office in an older building.
  • What is your budget?
How much of your facilities budget can you allocate to the cleaning maintenance of your office? Having regular deep cleans helps to avoid build up over time and could help to reduce the total number of regular cleaning hours. When it comes to cleaning, consistency is key. You can book the cleaning service that meets your budget and it is better for your office to get regular, consistent cleaning that stopping and starting due to budget constraints.At Workplace Cleaning Solutions we have the following frequency options to suit your business
  • Daily cleaning
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Fortnightly cleaning
  • Monthly cleaning
  • Ad hoc (one off / special occasion cleaning)
  • Deep cleaning
We will give you a fair assessment of what frequency of cleaning your office or business premises needs to suit your office size, footfall & budget. A dedicated WPCS Account Manager is waiting to answer all your questions; click here to connect with your local branch 

At Workplace Cleaning Solutions Commercial Cleaning, we have flexible options to suit your business exactly. You may want part of your office or business premises cleaned or every last square inch of it! We can help you with both these options and everything in between.

So the simple answer to this question is YES!

Your business is unique and will need a specific cleaning plan depending on your business needs. Those cleaning needs may vary or flex over time so it is important that you partner with a service that can accommodate you.

Start your cleaning plan to suit your business, we will work with you to deliver the frequency your business needs and focus on the areas most important to you.

A dedicated WPCS Account Manager is waiting to answer all your questions; click here to connect with your local branch

Here are just some of the cleaning tasks that a professional commercial cleaning can do
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Tidy desks
  • Clean window sills
  • Mop floors 

What are the tasks that a professional commercial cleaner can not do & why can’t they do those tasks?
These task are considered hazardous without the proper protective gear, equipment & training.

A dedicated WPCS Account Manager is waiting to answer all your questions; click here to connect with your local branch

We use your cleaning equipment to avoid cross-contamination. If you think about the variety of premises we clean, clinics, pubs, restaurants, offices, manufacturing units… if we use the same cleaning materials across the board we would spread germs from place to place.

However, we do work closely with a local janitorial company who we recommend to all our clients.

We can give you more accurate timescales once we have visited your business premises and agreed with you what your cleaning requirements are. From our on-site assessment, we will draw up a cleaning plan that will confirm the frequency & cleaning tasks your business needs.Workplace Cleaning Solutions Commercial Cleaning aim to start your cleaning services with 7-10 days of you signing the cleaning services contract with us.We use this as guideline as their can be variables on when a cleaner or cleaning team can start; depending on what your business needs.

  • We want to make sure we have a long term collaboration with your business by providing excellent customer service
  • By taking the time to get the right cleaning team in place, walking them through the cleaning plan, showing the cleaning team where they can find what they need to do their job to the highest standard you are more likely to get the cleaning result that you are looking for
If you need urgent cleaning
  • If you have an urgent cleaning requirement, then whilst we are sourcing the right fit for your regular cleaning, your business could benefit from an Ad hoc (one off) clean in the interim
  • This keeps the choice of cleaner more controlled to make sure the fit is right for your business
  • Gets your office or business premises cleaned quickly

True story, we got a call from a potential client at 8AM, did the on site visit at 9am & had the cleaning team (3 in the team) in by 5pm that evening.. it was a full on experience for all parties and not to be recommended!! We share this story to show you what can be done in extreme circumstances.

Workplace Cleaning Solutions has been professionally cleaning since 2005, a high percentage of our clients who join in those early & subsequent days are still with us because we took the time & care to get things done right.

A dedicated WPCS Account Manager is waiting to answer all your questions; click here to connect with your local branch

Every Workplace Cleaning Solutions Local Branch has £5 million against public liability insurance and accidental damage to your business property.

Should you decide to partner with us for cleaning & other facility services we will make sure you have access to the insurance details.

Having this level of insurance gives you confidence that in the event of accidental damage during your business clean; or a public liability situation, then we have got you covered.

A dedicated WPCS Account Manager is waiting to answer all your questions; click here to connect with your local branch

We have one of the most robust recruitment processes in the industry, this is driven by our overarching mission to be 100% professional and bolstered by our company core values.
  • We have a reputation in the cleaning community as supportive, respectful & diligent
  • This reputation has helped make Workplace Cleaning Solutions a company of choice in the cleaning community
  • We get a high percentage of applicants through our referral system because of our reputation
  • We attract applicants bases on their attributes & values; attention to detail, professionalism & helpful
  • We use multiple channels to source applicants to make sure we have a wide reach of excellent candidates
  • Our process includes application form, telephone screening, face to face interview, reference checking in addition to other recruitment stages to make sure applicants are suitable
  • Workplace Cleaning Solutions are about building long term professional relationships with cleaners who work with us

We also have the option to provide police checked cleaners if your business requires it.

A dedicated WPCS Account Manager is waiting to answer all your questions; click here to connect with your local branch

Your dedicated Workplace Cleaning Solutions Account Manager at your Local Branch will collaborate with you to create a clear cleaning plan called a schedule of work. 

The cleaning plan will give your cleaner or cleaning team instructions and guidelines on what cleaning tasks need to be done on your business premises in accordance to your desired outcome. 

The cleaning plan is there so it is clear how much time your cleaner or cleaning team need to assign to each area of your business premises so it is cleaned properly. 

There could be occasions when you need to make a change to the cleaning plan, this can be done in 2 ways depending on the scope of work that needs to be changed
  • Minor, one off change to the scope of work

If you have a minor, one off change to the scope of work, for example some extra washing up has been created due to a business meeting. You simply email or call your local Workplace Cleaning Solutions branch to inform them of the additional task required. Your account manager will then work out whether this requires extra time or  a task swap. Once this has been agreed, your account manager will communicate your instructions to the cleaner or cleaning team.

  • More involved change to the scope of work

If your business needs a more involved change to the scope of work, then your local Workplace Cleaning Solutions branch will work with you to go through the changes, how those changes will impact the hours your business needs to accommodate those changes, timescales on making the changes your business needs and then communicate with your cleaner or cleaning team to implement the changes. Your cleaning plan will be updated on the schedule of work so both your business and the cleaners or cleaning team have everything agreed and in writing. Once the changes are in place, your Workplace Cleaning Solutions Account Manager will follow up to check the changes have been carried out in accordance to your expectations.

A dedicated WPCS Account Manager is waiting to answer all your questions; click here to connect with your local branch

At Workplace Cleaning Solutions Commercial Cleaning we value your business. This is reflected in the care & attention we take to regularly communicate with you throughout your cleaning services contract & beyond.

Workplace Cleaning Solutions is 100% professional and part of that professionalism is knowing we are not 100% perfect. The reason for that is because we are constantly striving to always evolve & improve. Part of that improvement process is to learn if we do make a mistake.

We have a clear communication pathway for you & your business; you have a dedicated account manager to speak to so if at any point there is something about the service we have provided that is not to your satisfaction, your local branch Workplace Cleaning Solutions account manager is there to listen, acknowledge your concerns and then act on the feedback you have given.

Happiness is about having choices, that’s why we make it super easy to leave us. Our contracts are 30 days rolling because we are confident you will be happy with our services and stay. We know that mistakes can happen, we know that issues or problems may occur – that happens in every business; our mantra is that we do something about it to deliver a positive outcome.

We work hard to ensure your cleaning service with us goes smoothly, but we work harder if something does go wrong to make it right.

With Workplace Cleaning Solutions Commercial Cleaning, what we want you to feel is VALUED.  We have been professionally cleaning since 2005, clients who have engaged our cleaning services in those early days (& beyond) are still using our services because we deliver high standards of customer service. We have hundreds of testimonials, reviews & accolades from happy clients.

A dedicated WPCS Account Manager is waiting to answer all your questions; click here to connect with your local branch

At Workplace cLeaning Solutions Ltd we do not believe in tying clients into long cleaning contracts, we operate a 30 day notice period.

That’s no problem at all! Our regular clients often book deep cleans throughout the year. Here are some examples of where we have carried out extra cleaning – Royal visits, Church celebrations, after Christmas parties and office refurbishments etc. Our dedicated client support team are on hand and can book in any extra cleaning requirements.

That depends on how much cleaning time you require and your preferences. We can provide a single cleaner or cleaning teams – what would you prefer?

Our minimum cleaning time is 3 hours plus. Whilst our cleaners are very hard working they do a thorough job and that takes time. It is rare for commercial cleaning clients to require less time than this, but if you do, it is still worth chatting to us.

Yes, we always carry out a risk assessment at all premises we visit to quote for.

Yes we clean all areas of a commercial premises.

Yes, we try to clean when it will be the least disruptive to you and your business.

Yes, we have a number of Police checked cleaners who are used to the responsibility of making sure the building is secure, setting alarms and other security measures. Procedure training will be required from you or one of your team.

Yes, we have a sister company, Time For You Northants that will be able to assist you with this, call 01604 791799 or email

We will provide a replacement cleaner/cleaners who will step in and make sure your premises remain spick and span.

Yes, please talk to us when we conduct the initial visit and we will be happy to answer your questions at our visit.

Yes, we can empty bins and shredders and remove the waste to a centrally stored container on your premises. We regret we do not take the waste off site.

Yes if you would like them too, please bear in mind this may eat into your cleaning time unless it is included in the cleaning schedule. You can increase your cleaning amount at any time.

Yes, in some cases it is very sensible to show your cleaner(s) around, explain what will be required and where the cleaning equipment is stored.

Talk to us, we are here to help. Contact your dedicated client support team, during office hours on 01604 791799.


Contact your local branch

Contact your Workplace Cleaning Solutions local branch to chat with us about your commercial cleaning facilities requirements.

They visit you on site

A local branch account manager will visit you on site to discuss your cleaning facilities requirements.

Confirm your cleaning dates

Your local branch dedicated account manager will confirm a suitable date and time for your regular or adhoc cleaning.